DC to NY Car Service

Have you gotten stuck at La Guardia airport? Have you wanted to use WiFi inside the airplane, but there was none to be had? We offer a door to door service from DC to New York City/Manhattan, starting at $499. This service allows you to skip the headaches associated with trains, buses and airport security lines. We think that the piece of mind associated with this ride makes it a better deal than Amtrak Acela’s first class ticket, which costs around $300. Most of our customers who have gone this route seemed to enjoy the ride, but more importantly they all seem to think that traveling via a private sedan or SUV made for a much more productive business trip, not to mention the bigger cost savings when there’s more than one passenger.

Remember that the last leg of your travel between Washington DC and New York city will still involve taking a taxi to your final destination, or in some instances waiting for the metro, which may also involve changing different lines before you make it to your final destination.

Our door to door service is a great deal for one traveling passenger, but it’s even a better deal when you have more than one. For up to 3 passengers, we suggest that you take a sedan, and for 3 or more (up to 7), we suggest that you take an SUV.

So, to fully appreciate our door to door service, we invite you to calculate the total amount of time your next trip will take you. We think you’ll want to try this service, at least once. And if you’re like many of our other customers, chances are, you will be pleased.

The trip takes just under 4 hours in light to moderate traffic.  You’ll enjoy high-speed broadband WiFi the entire trip (without outages) and you’ll be free to take and make telephone or conference calls in complete privacy.

Door-to-Door private car service from Washington DC to New York City can save you time, money and headaches! Call our reservation line at 1-888-99-SEDAN (1-888-997-3326) or email us at info@executivesedanamerica.com.